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If you’re faced with the necessity of oral surgery, choose a team as dedicated to improving your oral health and function as you are. Our prosthodontist and periodontists are experienced in offering trusted oral surgery in San Antonio and New Braunfels, TX to solve conditions related to your teeth, gums, or bone.

We’ve spent decades perfecting minimally invasive techniques for more comfortable and predictable care. And we’re trained and certified to offer IV sedation, a highly customizable form of sedation that provides personalized levels of relaxation and pain control.

With this level of surgical skill, our technology, sedation, and a high-level of precision, you can rest assured that your experience with us will be pleasant and effective. We’ll help keep your oral health on track by removing diseased or damaged teeth, treating gum disease, restoring lost bone, or evaluating suspicious soft tissue inside your mouth.

Don’t let tooth pain, bleeding gums, or other symptoms keep you from living a healthy and confident life. Our specialists will provide the expert oral surgery you need to restore a functional and beautiful smile!

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