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Gum Recession Treatment Without Scalpels

Choose The Pinhole® Surgical Technique

A brand new option for treating receding gums is available, and here at Excellent Dental Specialists, we are certified to be able to perform this cutting edge technique. Instead of having to go through and repair receded gums one or two at a time because of the healing time required, we can now help with many, or all, of your receding gums at the same time. In order to find out more, call us today and schedule your first consultation with us.
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What To Do When You Have Receding Gums

If you leave gum disease untreated, your gums are going to recede. It often happens slowly at first, but then speeds up the longer your gum disease remains untreated. Once your gums have pulled back, getting them back in place requires either gum grafting or PST, also known as the Pinhole Surgical Technique. Traditional gum grafts are slow to place, and take a lot of time to heal. Since your mouth is typically used as the source for the gum tissue for a graft, you are left with two places in your mouth that need to heal after each gum graft—the gum that was placed, and the portion of your tissue that it was pulled from.

By using PST, we can change all of that. What we do is create a tiny pinhole in the tissue that is being moved around, then we move it into the position it should be in. Once it is there, we use collagen strips to hold that gum tissue in place where it belongs during the healing process. By the end, you have gums that are up in place on your teeth, and only one or two tiny pinholes in your gums that have to heal, instead of larger incisions and sections of your oral tissues needing to heal up after trauma.

Traditional Gum Surgery Vs PST

There are times where traditional gum grafts are a good option, but far more often, PST is what we are going to use because of the decreased recovery time and the benefits that it can offer our patients. It is not a procedure that many other offices are certified to perform just yet, making it beneficial for you to come in and see us if you want this performed. You do not need to have cuts made in your gums to help restore them to their proper places. What you do need, however, is a dental office that can perform the restoration work, and that is precisely what we are.
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