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Dentistry is always changing and improving. No longer do clinicians need to use old-fashioned x-rays when checking your teeth for issues, nor do they have to rely on a visual inspection alone when determining the presence of bacteria and other issues. We invest in the latest trainings to offer you modern and minimally invasive techniques.

We also invest in the most cutting-edge technology so your treatment experience is comfortable and your results are long-lasting. From diagnostics to treatment planning to the actual materials we use, you can expect leading-edge care. At Excellent Dental Specialists we offer expert training, advanced technology, and even an in-house lab: you couldn’t find a better combination in the San Antonio area.

Our Modern Technology

Full In-House Lab
We offer comprehensive dental implant care from one team. Not only do our doctors place dental implants, we also have an in-house lab that uses industry-leading technology to create the temporary and final restorations you need for a functional and confident life. With a dental lab in our office we’re able to offer faster, more predictable, and more natural-looking results for dental implant treatment and beyond. Using our 3D printer, we expertly fabricate custom surgical guides for precise guided dental implant surgery. Dental crowns and bridges are stained and shaped to blend seamlessly with your smile, your bite, and your personality. Work as a team with our implant specialists and our dental lab technician to create a smile that looks, feels, and performs like your natural teeth, if not better!
i-CAT™ FLX Cone Beam CT
Our cone beam CT imaging technology is usually only found in hospital settings. Using this cutting-edge technology, we can capture highly detailed scans of your head and neck in just seconds and with less radiation than traditional imaging technology. Our CT scanner improves diagnostics, helps us develop treatment options, and improves dental implant planning. In conjunction with specialized software, we’re able to see the precise height, width, and even the depth each dental implant post should be placed for optimal aesthetics and long-term success. We’ll use this planning to virtually perform your dental implant surgery before you even come in. In the meantime, we’ll create physical surgical guides to use on the day of surgery, making your surgery foolproof.
Primescan Intraoral Scanner
Have you ever had goopy and gag-inducing impressions? Beyond leaving a bad taste in your mouth, these messy impressions are also less accurate. Instead, we use our Primescan intraoral scanner to capture highly detailed digital impressions in just seconds. These images can be easily sent to our dental lab or shown to you so you can see what we see!
PerioLase® MVP-7™ Laser
Using the leading dental laser in the industry, PerioLase® MVP-7™, we offer the minimally invasive alternative to traditional gum disease treatment – LANAP®. In many cases, LANAP eliminates the need for scalpels and sutures and decreases discomfort during and after treatment. As the world’s first ever FDA-cleared laser for True Regeneration™, LANAP has been shown to regenerate tissue lost to gum disease. Receive specialized gum disease treatment from board-certified periodontists and modern, minimally invasive laser technology!
Instead of invasive drills, this technology uses ultrasonic micro-vibrations to precisely cut bone without harming surrounding tissue. Improving the precision of surgery and our patient comfort, we use Piezosurgery for dental implant treatment, bone grafting, and other surgeries for faster healing times, less swelling, and less post-operative pain.
Digital Radiographs
Digital radiographs offer images similar to those produced by x-rays, but with reduced exposure to radiation. We can capture these images right here in our office and immediately send them to our lab or computer system for more efficient planning.
DryLeaf Suction System
This system performs all of the tasks of a high-suction evacuator, bite block, tongue guard, and oral pathway protector in one easy-to-use device. It’s an intelligent breakthrough in isolation, bringing unmatched levels of ease and comfort to doctors and patients alike.
Magnetic Mallet
An innovative device used for bone grafting, sinus lifts, and dental implant surgery, we frequently use it to safely and precisely offer tooth extractions as well. Making treatment more comfortable, more precise, and less invasive, we use the Magnetic Mallet whenever possible.
Global Surgical A-Series Microscope
The Global Surgical A-Series Microscope is a surgical microscope that offers an innovative new development for dental microscopy. These kinds of microscopes offer better visualization of the mouth and surrounding areas to help us diagnose issues as soon as possible. They also help in the root canal process!
Intralock L-PRGF Centrifuge
The Intralock L-PRGF Centrifuge uses naturally occurring growth factors already existing in patients’ blood to improve surgical results and shorten healing times. Placing just a small sample of a patient’s blood into the centrifuge we can separate PRGF, or plasma rich growth factors. PRGF is then placed at the treatment site to help regenerate soft and hard tissue that has been lost. This can be especially useful during oral, implant, and periodontal surgery.
Tooth Desensitizing Agents
Sometimes over-the-counter toothpaste just isn’t strong enough to help with sensitive teeth. If you’re in this position, these agents can help.
DNA Analysis through DNA Labs
Partnering with DNA Labs, we’re able to check for life-threatening risk factors and gum disease-causing bacteria. This helps us diagnose treatment or help you avoid it altogether!
HPV Virus Exam
This exam tests for the HPV virus—in fact, it tests for 50 various kinds!
Culture and Antibiotic Sensitivity Testing
When we decide to culture specimens during an examination from gingival fluid, we use this testing to determine what kind of bacteria is present and how to best eliminate them.

Superior and Lasting Results Requires Modern Technology

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