Robotic Implant Dentistry

Robot-Controlled Technology & Surgical Expertise Yield Superior Results

At Excellent Dental Specialists our dentist Dr. Weber, has a unique partner that helps to provide highly precise dental implant placement: a robot. More specifically, a robotic arm that’s programmed to help Dr. Weber place dental implants in your jaw at the optimal location, angle, and depth. Created by Yomi®, this system augments the doctor’s exceptional expertise with added features for the best outcomes. With the extensive specialty training in dentistry, medicine and this incomparable technology, no other practice can match us for robotic dental implant surgery in New Braunfels, TX.
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How Yomi Works

Surgical robotics is becoming the standard in dental care, as it has been with high-end medical surgery for some time. Robotic dental implant surgery gives you added peace of mind when you’re trying to regain your full quality of life after tooth loss. The Yomi system is a multifunctional tool that helps Dr. Weber, plan implant placement, provides visual confirmation of his actions, and offers guided instrument placement. It literally won’t allow him to perform the surgery incorrectly.

The Yomi system works using haptic feedback. Though you may not have heard of it, you’ve probably benefitted from it. When your cellphone vibrates each time you touch the screen, it’s confirming that you did in fact press an on-screen button. Yomi’s robotic technology helps guide the doctor’s hand by providing audio cues as well as showing video cues on an attached monitor. Make no mistake—the doctor is still performing your surgery, but with the added advantage of an intelligent system that confirms every move. With or without Yomi, you can have confidence you’re receiving the best of care from Excellent Dental Specialists, as always.

Benefits Of Robotic Dental Implant Surgery

Advantages Of Yomi Precision-Placed Dental Implants

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Yomi-enabled dental implant surgery?
Yomi combines 3D-imaging with robotic guidance to assist our dentist in planning and placing your implants with precise accuracy. During surgery, Yomi uses physical cues (haptic technology) to guide your surgeon’s hand to place the implant precisely according to the plan. Once in location, Yomi works seamlessly with your surgeon to maintain trajectory and prevent any deviation from the plan.
Accuracy and efficiency are what set Yomi-enabled surgery apart from traditional approaches. Free hand is the most common surgical technique for dental implant surgery. In free-hand surgery, the surgeon uses a hand-held instrument to place your implant. The surgeon places the implant after looking closely at your bone, gums, and nearby teeth. Exact implant placement is less predictable with free-hand surgery due to potential human error. It was the quest for improved accuracy and to overcome human error that led surgeons to incorporate 3D-printed guides into their surgeries. 3D-printed guides improve accuracy but slow down the process because it can take days for the guides to be milled. In addition, changes to the plan are not possible when using 3D-printed guides and they block the dentist view of the surgical site. Yomi uses advanced robotics and 3D-imaging to overcome these limitations in accuracy (free hand) and time (waiting for 3D-printed guides).
Every year in the United States, robotic assistance is used to help over one million patients. Robotics has become the new standard of care in medicine. YOMI is the only robotic guidance system approved by the FDA for dental surgery in the United States. Dr. Weber is pleased to be at the forefront of dentistry and to bring this advanced technology to New Braunfels, TX.
Just like traditional dental implant surgery, Dr. Weber will be always chairside and in control. The robot will not operate on its own and the robot arm is held by Dr. Weber during the surgery. Yomi’s role is to provide precision guidance. Once surgery begins, Dr. Weber may occasionally change the plan based on observations in your bone and gum tissue that were not identifiable on the 3D-image.
If Yomi is right for you, we will create a personalized treatment plan with the Yomi software. During surgery, the robot will provide important information to us through sight, sound and touch to place the implant precisely according to the plan.
Yomi tracks and follows patient movement. If you move, both dentist and Yomi will move seamlessly with you, even right in the middle of surgery.
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