Soft Tissue Treatment Without Scalpels

Minimally Invasive Laser Dentistry

If you’re worried about the discomfort associated with conventional periodontal treatment, you can choose the minimally invasive alternative! Laser dentistry eliminates the need (in most cases) for scalpels, incisions, or sutures, making your treatment more comfortable and your recovery even faster. As a team of periodontists, we’re already specialized in diagnosing and treating soft tissue concerns, including gum disease. We’ve spent decades perfecting conventional cut-and-sew treatment methods, and with great success. 

However, we’ve received extensive clinical hands-on training in laser dentistry using the PerioLase® MVP-7™ dental laser. Now, we can provide an even more precise, comfortable, and predictable treatment experience for you. Most of our patients report such minimal discomfort after their procedure that they return to work and normal activities the day after treatment… and sometimes even the same day. By choosing laser periodontal treatment, you’ll experience many benefits for your actual procedure and your recovery.

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Benefiting From Laser Dentistry

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Fear Scalpel-Based Treatment? Choose Laser Dentistry!

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