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Specialized Care, Superior Technology

High-Quality, Long-Lasting Results in Less Time

Receiving trusted dental implant treatment starts with the clinician. Training, especially the kind specialists receive, is critical. But in order to receive the true advantage of dental implants, you also need to see a clinician with the right tools. Our team not only includes award-winning periodontists and prosthodontists, both dental implant specialists, but our own leading-edge, in-house dental lab.

With technology at the forefront of our implant field and our own lab technician experienced in offering a variety of restorations including single, multiple, and full arch bridges of new teeth, we offer an advantage rarely found elsewhere. Eliminate the need for multiple visits and multiple doctors. Come experience how an in-house dental lab in San Antonio and New Braunfels, TX can shorten your treatment time and extend the benefits of natural-looking dental implants.

What Our In-House Lab Offers You

  • High-end and natural-looking aesthetics
  • Long-lasting materials you can trust
  • Same-day dental implant solutions
  • Fast and custom results
  • Unmatched clinical outcomes
  • Fewer visits or referrals
  • Highly tailored teeth that match your facial aesthetics
  • A single team of specialists for your entire procedure

Our Modern Technology

3D Scanning:
We use multiple imaging technologies to capture three-dimensional scans of your mouth. Our Primescan intraoral scanner takes just seconds to capture a digital impression of your teeth instead of using less accurate and more uncomfortable goopy impressions. We also have an in-house i-CAT™ FLX Cone Beam CT scanner. Commonly found in a hospital setting, we use this technology to capture in-depth scans that give us the bone density of your jawbone as well as the location of your nerves and sinus cavity. Combining this with advanced implant planning software, we digitally plan your dental implant surgery before we begin treatment. This offers more predictable results, more minimally invasive care, and surgery that considers the final restoration from the start.
Zirkonzahn® Face Hunter:
We capture photo-realistic, three-dimensional images of your face for individualized planning, and restorations. Using this technology, we offer more reliable planning of crowns and bridges. In just minutes we can capture images of you smiling, of your facial shape, and of specific expressions so your restorations match your facial aesthetics, your bite, and your personality.
Zirkonzahn® Milling Machine:
Using our Zirkonzahn milling machine alone with specialized Zirkonzahn software, we can fabricate temporary teeth, or provisionals, for same-day dental implant solutions as well as highly custom final restorations using long-lasting and natural-looking materials. Zirconia bridges are the more natural-looking solution that also offers durable and lasting function for years to come. Using this technology and materials, we’re able to achieve a level of aesthetics that has previously been unmatched by less advanced tools. With the ability to customize each restoration in house, we can stain and shape teeth while you wait so you leave with a smile you truly feel confident in.
CEREC System:
In the past, clinicians sent crowns and bridges out to a dental lab. Never having met the patient, the dental lab would make the restoration and send it back. Same-day crowns and bridges are a reality with our CEREC system. Digital scanning and planning kick the process off. Then, using a milling machine, our lab is able to craft high-end restorations while you wait in the chair! Same-day solutions have never been easier or more personalized.
3D Printer:
Our versatile 3D printer is used for dental implants, orthodontics, and more. After using our CBCT scans and implant planning software, we can create customized surgical guides for precise and predictable dental implant surgery. Occlusal guards for teeth grinding and sleep apnea, partial and full arch dentures, as well as orthodontics aligners can also be fabricated using our in-house 3D printer!

Experience High-End, Same-Day Dental Implant Solutions

Come see our in-house dental lab for yourself.