Why Should My Dental Implants Be Placed With The CBCT Scan In San Antonio, TX?

an image of a patient getting her dental prosthetic placed in her mouth by a doctor after the dental implants have been placed with a CBCT scan.

Every person’s mouth is a little bit different. This is why a skilled periodontist uses as many leading-edge advanced technologies as possible when placing dental implants. That way, they can ensure that their patients get the most exceptional care and outcomes possible. With a CBCT scan, patients can get accurately placed dental implants in San Antonio, TX.

The CBCT scan can plan predictable dental implant surgeries and it is arguably one of the most useful types of imaging used for ensuring reliable dental implant surgery outcomes. There are many other reasons why patients should consider getting their dental implants placed with a CBCT scan.


What Does A CBCT Scan Do?

The CBCT scan, also known as the cone beam computed tomography scan, is a type of scan that exposes patients to less radiation than traditional imaging technologies do. Unlike scans derived from 2D digital x-rays, CBCT scans have a 3D quality. That is, they give the periodontist a complete view of all the detailed structures of the patient’s mouth.

For example, a CBCT scan can show how the connective tissues, bones, teeth, etc., interrelate. This is essential for understanding where oral nerves are, as well as becoming aware of any anomalies before the patient’s dental implants are placed.

How Is A CBCT Scan Used During A Dental Implant Placement?

The journey to receive dental implants begins with a consultation and evaluation. During this visit, the periodontist will take and examine CBCT scans of the patient’s mouth. The CBCT scan results help the doctor decide if the patient can qualify right away for a dental implant surgery. If the patient is not an immediate dental implant candidate, they can undergo other treatment options, like bone grafting, first.

Once a patient is approved for their dental implant surgery, the CBCT scan is leveraged to construct a well-planned roadmap of the entire dental implant procedure. Using the CBCT scan and specialized software, the doctor is able to determine the exact height, width, depth, and angle placement for each dental implant. This takes away any guesswork to a patient’s dental implant procedure. When a CBCT scan is used in the surgical planning process of dental implant procedures, the results go exactly as expected.


We Can Place Your Dental Implants With A CBCT Scan In San Antonio, TX

At our Excel Dental & Implant Center office, we capture highly detailed head and neck scans using an i-CAT™ FLX Cone Beam CT. The resulting images become the basis for creating physical surgical guides to ensure a safe, streamlined, and no surprise dental implant surgery.

Ready for a consultation to get your custom made and strategically placed dental implants placed? Get in contact with Dr. Andrew J. Weber and our advanced team at our Excel Dental & Implant Center office to schedule an appointment today!

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