Invest In Your Smile, Renew Your Life

Why Choose Dental Implants?

Dental implants offer incalculable value. Their ability to appear just like natural teeth can offer the boost in confidence you’ve been searching for. Many of our patients see improvements in their personal relationships, professional careers, and overall self-confidence as a result. Beyond the surface, each implant also offers restored oral function, the ability to eat a healthy and satisfying diet, and the renewed bone health your facial shape needs to stay youthful. Taking you from no teeth to a full arch of functional, beautiful ones in just one day can truly be life-changing.

We know how transformative even a single dental implant can be which is why we offer the specialized and comprehensive care you need to restore a healthy and natural-looking smile right here at Excellent Dental Specialists. We don’t want sticker shock to hold you back from transforming your life. That’s why we also offer our patients flexible and phased treatment plans as well as dental implant financing in San Antonio and New Braunfels, TX. We’ll review the price of implants below but the best way to find out your specific price is through a free, personalized dental implant consultation with our esteemed team!

Why Choose Us For Your Dental Implants?

Training, technology, and materials make a difference—especially for dental implants. It’s important to choose an implant dentist that doesn’t offer “cheap” solutions but high-end care that lasts. Our team has placed over 20,000 dental implants and counting. Not only are we experienced in offering dental implants, as periodontists and a prosthodontist, we actually specialize in them. Combined, our award-winning team offers over 45 years of experience. With all this expertise, we also provide a high level of convenience with our in-house lab.

With the latest advancements in technology we’re able to capture highly detailed 3D images using our cone beam CT scanner, then digitally plan your treatment and fabricate guides for a precise and predictable surgery. Our lab also allows us to cut out the middleman and craft your restorations in-house ensuring the quality matches your expectations and your smile. Specialized care and modern technology make for a life-changing smile, but high-end care doesn’t have to be out of your budget. We offer solutions to make dental implants affordable, too!

Breaking Down The Cost Of Your Dental Implants

A number of factors can affect the total cost of your dental implants. These can include the number of implants you need (we can replace a single missing tooth or a full mouth of missing teeth in just one day!). If you have unsalvageable teeth that need to be extracted or if your jawbone has degraded after tooth loss and needs bone grafting treatment, both of these can also be provided by our team. Once your implants are ready for your final restoration, we’ll also help you choose from a selection of materials to have it made out of. We offer everything from PMMA to natural-looking zirconia restorations! Differing in price, they also each offer unique levels of translucency and durability.

The Price Of Dental Implants

In order to make your treatment more affordable, we conveniently offer bundled and all-inclusive pricing. This may include the surgery, the implants, and the final restorations along with numerous aspects of the preliminary diagnostics as well. Our single dental implants start as low as $90 a month. Our full arch implant supported dentures can start at $290 a month. However, what we highly recommend for many of our patients are full arch dental implant solutions like All-on-4® with long-term and lasting support and aesthetics. These solutions start at $423 a month when partnering with our third-parting financing companies like Proceed Finance.

Our All-Inclusive Dental Implant Fees Includes:

New Smiles, Made Affordable

We partner with trusted third-party financing companies including Proceed Finance to offer flexible payment plans that can meet any budget. Even those with low credit scores can receive no-collateral loans up to $60,000 at reasonable fixed rates when working with Proceed Finance.

Whether through dental implant financing, making use of the full extent of your insurance benefits, or phasing out treatment to meet your financial timeline, we offer affordable solutions that provide life-changing results. Come in for your custom consultation or give us a call to review your treatment and payment options.