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Losing your teeth leads to several significant issues. It causes difficulty eating and speaking. The quality of your smile deteriorates, which causes your confidence to fall. Tooth loss also leads to a loss of bone mass in your jaw. The more teeth you lose, the more substantial the consequences. Dental implants have quickly become the most popular option for individuals faced with tooth loss, providing a unique treatment for replacement. When too much bone mass is lost, however, a typical full arch replacement is not always possible. The All on 4 treatment concept has provided many patients with an alternative. At Excellent Dental Specialists, we provide yet another alternative with Trefoil.

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What Is Trefoil?

Nobel Biocare is the industry leader in dental implants and dental implant technology. This company is responsible for the All on 4 treatment concept, a treatment that allows for full arch replacement without the need for a bone graft by supporting a full arch of replacement teeth on only 4 implant posts. Now, they have also recently introduced an even less invasive treatment with Trefoil.

Trefoil is the latest in full arch replacement, taking the concept of replacing an entire arch of teeth without the need for a bone graft one step further by supporting your new teeth with only 3 implant posts. These 3 posts support a pre-manufactured framework that is designed to match your arch. In addition to providing you with fully functioning teeth after tooth loss, Trefoil is also a much more affordable treatment.

How Trefoil Works

Trefoil is a unique treatment and one that enables us to be very flexible with its application. The system has a bar, which acts as a base for your new teeth. This bar is adjustable, allowing us to maximize the contact between the three posts and your existing jawbone. The success of Trefoil lies in its adaptive joint attachment system. With this system and the use of guided surgery for implant placement, allows us to attach the support frame to the posts. The system also allows for incredible flexibility without having to sacrifice any structural integrity or the precision of placement.

Trefoil Benefits

Is Trefoil Right For Me?

Trefoil is designed to be a treatment for replacing an entire arch of missing teeth. It can also be used if you cannot wear a denture on your lower jaw or would prefer a permanent solution for tooth loss. If you have previously been told that you are a candidate for All on 4, but could not afford the cost, Trefoil may be the right solution for you. With Trefoil, we can meet a vast array of needs at a much more affordable cost.

Trefoil allows us to provide you with a full arch replacement in a much faster, less invasive manner. For more information, and to find out if Trefoil is right for you, call our office and talk with one of our team members today!

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