Top Things to Do to Help with Bleeding Gums

When you have bleeding gums, there are a few things that you can do to help eliminate the problem. The first thing that you should be doing is calling our office. If your gums bleed regularly when you brush, one of two things is going on.

One, you are consistently far too hard on your gums, or two, you are showing signs of gum disease. Until we can get you in to be seen, here are some of the top things that you can do to help with bleeding gums.

Getting Bleeding Gums Under Control

Once you have called our office and scheduled your appointment, it is important you continue to care for your mouth properly. Make sure to brush, gently, twice per day. Then, make sure to also floss, gently, once per day.

This is very important to maintain your oral health. You should also rinse at least once per day with an alcohol-free mouthwash. This helps to rid your mouth of extra bacteria.

You also need to make sure that you are drinking and eating the right items. Drinking tea can reduce the inflammation in your mouth and help fend off extra bacteria, so long as it is black or green tea. Plus, eating foods like dairy allows your teeth and gums to have extra protection against the bacteria responsible for gum disease.

By treating your current symptom of bleeding gums, you help keep the damage gum disease could cause to a minimum. If you were only brushing too hard on your gums, these treatments are not going to hurt you any.

They will still help the overall condition of your mouth, and leave you benefitting from their effects. Contact us for more options when it comes to caring for your gums when they tend to bleed.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call us at (210) 598-8933 today.

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