The Importance of Removing Impacted Wisdom Teeth!

Impacted Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom teeth are the last molars to erupt in the mouth and often have little room to grow. For many people, the wisdom teeth can only partially break through the gums. In other people, the teeth linger below the surface of the gums. When this happens, a dentist will often recommend a wisdom tooth extraction in San Antonio, TX as a treatment option!

Though it may sound uncomfortable to have one or more of your wisdom teeth removed, the process can pay off in multiple ways. Below are some of the major reasons for undergoing wisdom tooth extraction.


Reduced Risk of Infection and Gum Disease

A tooth that cannot push entirely through the gums is very hard to keep clean. As you probably know, trying to brush your back teeth takes a lot of effort and care, anyway. Imagine how challenging it is to properly floss and care for a partly erupted tooth.

Over time, impacted wisdom teeth can become places for infection and the beginnings of gum disease. Remember that untreated gum disease often spreads. This means your impacted wisdom tooth could end up causing gum disease throughout your mouth, which might mean the loss of healthy teeth down the road.

Ability to Get a Straighter Smile

Are you thinking about straightening your teeth with orthodontics? If your wisdom teeth do not fit, your best bet could be to undergo a wisdom tooth extraction in San Antonio, TX.

The extraction process will allow you to get the smile you have always wanted. After all, your remaining teeth have more room to shift into a more attractive, natural place.

Less Current (and Future) Pain

Plenty of people never think about their wisdom teeth until the teeth become impacted. Why? Impacted wisdom teeth can push against nerves, tissue, and bone. This action can lead to discomfort and pain.

Sometimes, teens and adults with impacted wisdom teeth end up being diagnosed with cysts and tumors. Another condition related to impacted wisdom teeth is an abscess, which may require surgical treatment like a root canal to address.


Listen to the Wisdom of a Doctor!

It can be hard to hear from a dentist that your wisest move is to get one or more of your wisdom teeth removed. Nevertheless, you can feel good about the decision. A tooth extraction is a safe procedure when performed by a credentialed dental professional.

To learn more about setting up an appointment to talk about concerns involving your wisdom teeth, please contact our doctor, Dr. Andrew J. Weber, in our offices in San Antonio, TX, to schedule your next consultation today!

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