How Does YOMI® Help Place Dental Implants In San Antonio, Tx?

a yomi dental implant robot.

Can a robot really help a doctor perform dental implant surgeries? It might sound like science fiction—but it is absolutely implant dentistry fact. With the help of the robotic arm called Yomi® in San Antonio, TX, future-forward doctors are able to place dental implants with more precision, control, and confidence than ever. And if you are a patient, that means even greater peace of mind that your investment in your health and wellness will be a success.


How Does YOMI® Work?

The Yomi® robotic arm acts like an assistant to a doctor. During the surgical procedure, the doctor relies on the Yomi® arm to help guide specific movements through audio and video cues. This ensures that the doctor follows your dental implant placement plan exactly as it has been mapped out based on your needs. There are zero surprises with Yomi® in San Antonio, TX.


Will YOMI® Perform The Surgery?

Make no mistake: Your expertly trained doctor will always be the one performing your dental implant surgery. Yomi® serves as a world-class, multifunctional tool, just like any other piece of advanced technology like an i-CAT™ FLX Cone Beam CT, digital radiographs, or full-fledged in-house lab. Yomi® simply provides an added layer of security that everything will go according to your guided placement plan.


How Does YOMI® Know What Moves A Doctor Will Make?

This is the really exciting part! When you work with a top-notch doctor known for dental implant placement, the doctor will construct a surgical guide for your implant procedure. The guide is completely customized for you.

Yomi® is able to “read” the guide during surgery. Yomi® will therefore know where a doctor expects to place a dental implant. Yomi® can even detect implant angles and depth levels. With Yomi® as an assistant, a doctor can be certain that everything goes smoothly. If the doctor were to do something differently, Yomi® would respond with gentle vibrations and other cues.


Can A Doctor Make Other Surgical Choices While Using YOMI® In San Antonio, Tx?

Of course, doctors sometimes encounter unforeseen experiences during surgeries. If a doctor decides that it is in a patient’s best interest to veer slightly from the expected surgical plan, Yomi® will give an alert but not intervene otherwise. The doctor you trust will be the one to make all final decisions based on his background, training, and expertise.


Schedule A Consultation With An Implant Doctor Who Uses YOMI®

At Excel Dental & Implant Center, we believe in bringing you the latest technologies, including the Yomi® robotic arm. Why? You deserve the most minimally-invasive, precise dental implant placement process possible.

If you have considered talking with a leading doctor about dental implants, please contact us for a consultation. Why not take advantage of the future of implant dentistry? Contact our team to book your appointment. Out-of-town patients are welcome.

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