Foods to Avoid Following Periodontal Grafts

Foods to Avoid Following Periodontal Grafts

Periodontal grafts are one of the ways to deal with receding gums. Receding gums leave the tooth and the roots of the tooth exposed. This can lead to bacteria growth that eventually can cause gum disease. The graft covers the exposed tooth and root and helps prevent bacteria from growing.

Grafts take time to heal. It is important to give good care after a graft to insure healthy gums. That includes watching what you eat. There are foods that help the recovery from gum grafts and there are foods to avoid.


Diet Can Damage Gums

The foods you eat can damage the gums in different ways. Some food is abrasive to the gums. Some food sticks to the teeth and gums and is difficult to clean. Some food is acidic or high in sugars, which can promote bacterial growth that can damage the graft site. There are also foods that contain nutrients that can help with the recovery from gum grafts. Think about avoiding these foods.

Foods You Chew – For the first day after periodontal grafts, it is best to follow a liquid diet. Chewing food can damage the graft site.
Hard Foods – Hard foods such as pretzels and raw vegetables can cause abrasions around the graft site. It is better to stick with soft food to prevent this damage.
Sticky Foods – Candy, peanut butter and other foods can stick to the teeth and gums. They are difficult to clean and trying to remove them can cause trouble for the periodontal graft.
Sugary Foods – Bacteria live sugar and eating foods high and sugar will lead to more bacteria that can damage the graft.
Acidic Foods – Acidic foods can damage the graft site and may cause more swelling of the gums.

There is a long list of foods to avoid following periodontal grafts. It is easier to concentrate on eating foods that are good for the recovery. Foods high in vitamin A and Vitamin K can help with recovery.

Water is something that can wash away debris from the teeth and gums without causing any damage. If you are getting a periodontal graft, make sure to discuss your diet for after the surgery.

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