Restore A Broken Tooth In One Visit

In years past, your only option for restoring a broken or missing tooth involved the inconvenience and discomfort of multiple trips to the dentist and wearing temporary restorations. The process took weeks, even for a simple dental crown to repair a damaged tooth. Today, our specialists use the power of CEREC technology, simplifying this process to provide beautiful, custom-made dental crowns and bridges in a single appointment. This same-day dentistry gives you an incredibly convenient and comfortable experience, especially if you need emergency care for a problematic tooth.

Our custom dental bridges and CEREC crowns in San Antonio and New Braunfels, TX are made from materials offering superior strength and skill, so they’ll look, feel, and function naturally. With the skill of our prosthodontist, your dental crowns and bridges will be digitally designed to look real, and be custom milled right in our office. They’ll give you the aesthetics and function you need to feel confident in your smile once again!

Who Benefits From CEREC?

Anyone in good health who has damaged or lost a tooth will benefit from same-day dentistry. We’re capable of milling both dental crowns and dental bridges using our CEREC technology. Whether you’re having trouble with a molar or a tooth you can see when you smile, we’ll provide custom and long-lasting CEREC crowns and bridges. Candidates for this treatment include:

Experience Same-Day Dentistry

Your CEREC appointment is generally only a few hours long, during which time you’ll go from a broken or missing tooth to a complete smile that looks and functions naturally! First, we take digital scans of your tooth or teeth, then upload them into our CAD/CAM design software. This generates a highly precise 3D image of your mouth, which we use to digitally design your new CEREC crown or bridge. While all our specialists are trained in this technology, we’re pleased to have an experienced prosthodontist on our team. Dr. Villa Guillory specializes in restorative treatments like crowns and bridges and has an eye for detail and the technical skill to ensure your treatment is custom, providing you with functional and beautiful restoration. 

Once your CEREC crown or bridge is designed, our in-house milling unit will fabricate your restoration from a block of ceramic or porcelain. The level of precision from start to finish will provide a new restoration that fits perfectly over your natural tooth and restores its size, color, and strength. With our CEREC technology, you can enjoy: