Sometimes it can be difficult to find the time to visit the dentist. At Excellent Dental Specialists, we understand that you might have a hard time fitting regular dentist visits in with the rest of your schedule. We also understand, however, just how important it is to see us consistently in order to keep your oral health in good standing. When complications arise and you need some kind of procedure done, you will be grateful that you saw us as soon as possible. You will be even happier to know that because we think our patients should recover from their procedure as quickly as possible, we use Piezosurgery.

What Is Piezosurgery?

When something happens and you need to have a dental surgical procedure done, you might find yourself understandably concerned. After all, our teeth are meant to last us a lifetime and the thought of losing them, or even allowing someone to treat them, is one that induces anxiety in many people. With that said, however, it is important that you understand just how far dental surgery has come over the past few decades. While older tools used for surgical purposes did the job, they also tended to damage surrounding soft tissue in a patient’s mouth. That means that while the bone in question was treated, the tissue around it also experienced trauma from which it would need to heal. Today, however, we have tools like Piezosurgery. Piezosurgery is a unique dental hand piece that enables us to operate in a precise area. This dramatically cuts down on the amount of “collateral damage” that you experience as a patient.

How Can Piezosurgery Help Me?

When you have dental surgery done, especially if the problem in question is a tooth or other bit of bone, chances are good that the doctor will need to work around quite a bit of tissue in your mouth before they can get to the root of the problem. If they do not have the right kind of tools, this might mean just cutting through whatever lies in the path of the blade. With Piezosurgery, however, that is no longer the case. Piezosurgery can help us operate exactly where we need to—and that usually doesn’t include going through the soft tissue surrounding the area in question. Simply put, Piezosurgery helps keep the surgery you are having localized to the specific area that needs help while serving to reduce damage to surrounding areas.

Is Piezosurgery Safe?

Piezosurgery is very safe. Because it is so precise, there is little chance of it causing damage. It might help to know that Piezosurgery is actually used in brain surgery, which means that it is precise enough for even the most delicate and important of tissues. You can trust Piezosurgery to keep your mouth as injury-free as is absolutely possible.

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