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Oral pathology is essentially the study of diseases in, on, or around the mouth and their causes as well as their development, processes, and consequences. It’s a branch of healthcare concerned with the physical examination and history of diseases, and it is used by oral surgeons and dentists to help determine the most likely possibilities when it comes to a diagnosis. Many examinations will include taking a look at the mucosa, or the soft tissues that line your mouth. This kind of skin has a very specific color and texture, and a difference in either could indicate health problems. You might also be asked to give a biopsy, which will then be used for diagnostic purposes.

What are some diseases that can be identified using oral pathology?

Oral pathology is an important part of medicine that seeks to identify and treat diseases and conditions pertaining to the oral and maxillofacial regions. Perhaps the most well known and most serious issue that could be identified is oral cancer, however, you should understand that not every issue that causes a change in these areas will necessarily be related to cancer. Diabetes, for example, can cause changes that are often identifiable by oral pathologists or dentists. If you are called in to give a biopsy or undergo an examination, do not panic and assume the worst.

How are pathological diseases treated?

In general, pathological occurrences and diseases are not overly painful, life-threatening, or disfiguring when caught early. The prevalence of oral cancer is rising, however, particularly among men. It is vital to catch this disease as early as possible as survival chances are around 80% when the issue is found quickly. The treatment of cancer will largely depend upon the type of cancer as well as its location and severity. When it comes to other issues, however, that are not related to cancer, there are a few different treatment options that might apply.

Sometimes antibiotics can help clear up a bacterial infection or aid in the relief of chronic soreness of the mouth. This can help the mucosa return to its normal state, which will in turn work to relieve any pain or discomfort experienced in the region. Oral rinses are another option that might work well to help clear up any symptoms or processes, for example, particularly reactive issues that will benefit from a wash that rinses away a certain type of bacteria.

Finally, oral surgery is a treatment option for oral pathological diseases in certain cases. For example, if the patient in question has non-cancerous growths or cysts, then the best course of action might be to remove them. This can help restore function to the areas, increase the quality of life and comfort level of the patient, and even prevent more serious issues from developing.

If you need oral pathology work done, please contact us immediately. The sooner you seek treatment, the sooner we can help you recover and get back on your feet.