Cosmetic dentistry includes procedures that can enhance the look of teeth and gums that have damage, or natural defects. When patients hear the word cosmetic, they tend to think expensive, but the truth is that we offer a wide range of services, also widely ranging in price. Following an examination with a member of our team at Excellent Dental Specialists, we can provide our opinion along with any possible alternatives to help you decide the right treatment option that will address your needs.

Cosmetic Treatments

There are smaller and larger cosmetic treatments that can make a dramatic change in your look. Some may be a single treatment done in one office visit, many take two office visits, and some may require multiple steps including a surgical procedure. Cosmetic dentistry includes:

Teeth Whitening

Cosmetic dental treatments can brighten your face, help you appear younger, or even more professional. Ask us how we can help. For more information, contact us!