When it comes to staying healthy and happy, many people might not immediately think of visits to the dentist’s office. In reality, however, regularly seeing us is actually one of the most important steps you can take in order to lead an overall healthy life. This is especially true if you end up with any kind of oral health issues that need to be fixed in order to continue to maintain your strong teeth and jaw. When you find yourself facing dental surgical procedures, you might be worried about recovery time and pain. Thanks to the latest technological advancements like the Intralock L-PRGF Centrifuge, you don’t have much to be concerned about.

What Is The Intralock L-PRGF Centrifuge?

The Intralock L-PRGF Centrifuge is a machine that is designed to help promote healing within your body. More specifically, it is a machine that engages in a simplified chair side procedure that eventually results in the creation of a compressed and thin layer of fibrin rich in platelets. This layer is strong and pliable, and more than suitable for suturing needs. That means that we can use it to help promote healing in your mouth should need to have oral surgery of some sort.

Why Might I Need The Use Of The Intralock L-PRGF Centrifuge?

To help illustrate the value of the Intralock L-PRGF Centrifuge, let’s take a moment to think about an example. Let’s say you needed to have a gum graft done due to soft tissue loss caused by gum disease. Normally, gum grafts can take a while to heal due to the delicate nature of the process. When using platelet rich fibrin, however, we can stitch up the area in question, ensuring that the fibrin stays firmly in place. In turn, that fibrin—rich with your own platelets and growth factors—helps promote healing and tissue regeneration in the area. It can even be used to help regenerate lost bone! You might benefit from using the Intralock L-PRGF Centrifuge if you have to have oral, periodontal, or implant surgery, where the use of platelet rich fibrin could significantly help improve your healing process.

Should I Ask About The Use Of The Intralock L-PRGF Centrifuge?

At Excellent Dental Specialists, we work hard to provide our patients with the most innovative and effective treatment techniques. One of these is the Intralock L-PRGF Centrifuge. If you are having some kind of oral or periodontal surgery with us and we think that you could benefit from the use of the Intralock L-PRGF Centrifuge, then we will be more than happy to bring it up during the visit. You are welcome to inquire about its properties and potential benefits to your specific case, too, as we are always happy to listen to our patients and provide them with the best possible care.

All in all, the Intralock L-PRGF Centrifuge is a fantastic advancement that can help increase healing and promote regeneration of lost tissue or bone. Contact us if you are curious about whether or not the Intralock L-PRGF Centrifuge can be useful in achieving your dental goals.