Dental Implants

We here at Excellent Dental Specialists know how important your smile is to you. Broken and missing teeth can cause pain, affect your diet, and your image. If you lose or break a tooth beyond repair, it not only throws your bite out of alignment, but damages your confidence. We want you to know that you have options, and we can help you!

You Don’t Have To Wait To Have The Smile Of Your Dreams!

Immediate dental implants can be done within 48 hours of having an extraction. Sometimes we can have an immediate dental implant done the same day. The implant would be secured into your jawbone so that it becomes a permanent part of your smile. Although dentures do a great deal to restore your smile, there is nothing like having the comfort and confidence of having a tooth (or teeth) firmly attached to your jaw. You can eat normally without worrying about food getting in the way, or the teeth moving around. Nobody ever has to know the difference. Give us a call and set a consultation. Don’t go another minute longer wondering how you would look if your smile was complete.

Incomplete Smiles Can Lead To More Tooth Loss

It is important to maintain balance in your mouth. Missing teeth lead the way for the shifting and instability of your teeth. This is not only aesthetically unappealing, but can cause an imbalance on what we call the occlusal plane. Eventually the tooth opposite the lost tooth begins to loosen. It can cause pain and instability in the jaw as well. If a blank space is left in your smile, you may end up with a lot of blank spaces. Nobody wants to keep their guard up in photos, or not laugh without embarrassment. Dentures are the older way of fixing things, but there are problems with dentures that can be avoided by getting implants. You don’t have to take implants out at night; you never have to use denture adhesives; you don’t have to let anyone know. You can enjoy full use of your smile, and enjoy eating everything you always loved eating.

Stop worrying about those family photos coming up, or that high school reunion. If you want to look your best, we want that for you, too. If you are single and worried about dating again with missing teeth, no worries; we have what you need. All you have to do is take that first step and come visit with us. Then we can discuss all your options, plan out the procedure, and plan all the insurance and financial aspects of it. Here at Excellent Dental Specialists, our very own specialist, Andrew Weber DDS, will take special care of you and your smile! Please feel free to check us out. Stop by our office and set up your consultation. We will have you on the way to a brighter smile and a brighter future in no time at all!