Did you know that keeping your oral health in check is an important way to live an overall healthy life? In fact, ensuring that your teeth remain healthy and strong is an important part of being able to do things like speak, smile, or even eat. In order to help ensure that your oral health is as good as it could possibly be, it is important to visit us regularly in order to help avoid and manage issues. This is especially important thanks to some of the great new advancements that are making the dental industry more precise and effective than ever before. At Excellent Dental Specialists, we are proud to offer you the service of DNA analysis through DNA labs.

What Is DNA Analysis Through DNA Labs?

When you are sick and go to the doctor’s office, the doctor will probably take various samples from you in an attempt to determine exactly what is wrong. These samples, especially blood samples, can be sent to a lab and closely analyzed in order to determine exactly what is going on with your body and your health. You might not think that something like this is an option when it comes to dental care, however, it certainly is! Thanks to recent advancements, DNA analysis through DNA labs can help us to more closely determine exactly what is causing your oral health issues as well as identify any risk factors that should be cause for further concern.

How Can DNA Analysis Through DNA Labs Help My Oral Health?

Visiting the dentist can be a stressful time for anyone. This is especially true when you know that there is something wrong with your oral health that needs to be fixed. In these instances, you want to know what is wrong and finish treatment as quickly as possible. Using DNA analysis through DNA labs helps us better determine what is going on in a timely manner. We can better pinpoint exactly what kind of bacteria is present in your mouth, for example, or find indicators in your DNA that there is something more serious going on that needs to be analyzed. DNA analysis through DNA labs can help your oral health by ensuring you get the best, most detailed care possible.

What Else Can DNA Analysis Through DNA Labs Do For Me?

In addition to all of the above, DNA analysis through DNA labs can help us best determine what kind of bacteria is present in your mouth. Once we know this, we can also determine what kind of treatment option will work the best. This means that we are less likely to have to try different kinds of antibiotics in an attempt to see if one works because instead, we can simply go straight to the option that has the most likely chances of success. As a result, you will finish treatment more quickly while also being exposed to a smaller amount of antibiotics.

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