Cosmetic Dentistry

When it comes to looking and feeling great, few things are more important than our smiles. Maintaining good oral health is not only important for your overall health, but also for your self-confidence and appearance.

Sometimes, however, you can have teeth that are healthy but not necessarily the prettiest to look at. When this happens, you might wonder how you can get the picture-perfect smile that you’d love to have. This is where cosmetic bonding comes in!

Cosmetic bonding (also called dental bonding) is an affordable and versatile option that can help create the look of white, uniform teeth to enhance your smile.

What Is Cosmetic Bonding?

Cosmetic bonding is the process of applying a composite filling material to your teeth to achieve a more uniform smile. For instance, you may have a small chip in one of your front teeth. Although the tooth is technically healthy, it may not give you the appearance you desire. Cosmetic bonding could be the right choice to restore your smile very rapidly.

It’s worth mentioning that you do not have to have anything wrong with your teeth to undergo cosmetic bonding. Certainly, cosmetic bonding is sometimes done after other work has been completed and left a tooth uneven or discolored, such as a root canal. However, you can have the procedure done even if you just want to change the appearance of your smile.

Dental bonding can help change things like the color, shape, size, length, and even width of your teeth to create the look that you are hoping for. Though the results won’t last as long as other cosmetic procedures like the placement of porcelain veneers or restorative tooth crowns, cosmetic bonding can be a simple, fast, comfortable way to look your best with help from a well-trained dentist.

How Does Cosmetic Bonding Work?

Cosmetic bonding is a quick, multi-step process that usually takes under an hour to complete. It’s done in your dentist’s office and typically requires no extra numbing or sedatives.

First, your dentist will evaluate and prepare the tooth that is going to have the composite filling resin bonded to it. Preparation involves creating a rougher surface on the tooth so that it bonds seamlessly with the resin.

Next, the dentist will paint the tooth with a special liquid to ensure rapid, durable bonding with the composite material. Again, you probably won’t feel anything out of the ordinary during this process.

Then, the dentist molds and shapes the putty-like resin against your tooth. This is where the artistry of dentistry comes into the picture! As long as the dentist chose the right color of resin, it will blend perfectly with the rest of the tooth and the surrounding teeth.

Finally, the dentist uses a light to harden the resin. Once hard, the resin can be polished to match the luminescence of other teeth.

How Long Does Cosmetic Bonding Take And How Long Will The Results Last?

If you’ve been looking for a way to update your smile swiftly, consider cosmetic bonding.  Cosmetic bonding takes just one office visit to complete.

How long can you expect to be able to show off your enhanced smile? If you take care of your cosmetic bonding as directed by a dentist, you shouldn’t have to replace any of the bonding materials for around a decade.

Consider A Smile Makeover With Dental Bonding And Other Cosmetic Treatments!

With all the possible treatment options available through the dentist, you can get the dream smile you want in less time than you may have thought. At Excellent Dental Specialists, we regularly work with patients who pick and choose the right treatments for their custom smile makeovers.

In addition to dental bonding, our patients often request other procedures to spruce up their smiles, including:

  • Placement of porcelain veneers for a fast, even smile
  • Placement of same-day dental crowns to cover heavily damaged, discolored teeth
  • Placement of single and multiple dental implants to replace missing teeth
  • Dental-grade teeth whitening to take years of yellowing off the surface of the teeth

Are you interested in learning more about your cosmetic bonding options? Contact us to discuss our services! We’ll be happy to provide a one-on-one consultation based on your dental goals and budget.