Culture And Antibiotic Sensitivity Testing

It might seem like a bit of hassle to regularly see your dentist. After all, you are a busy person and have things to do! Keep in mind that maintaining excellent oral health is one of the most important things you can do to help maintain a good quality of life and remain healthy overall. This is especially true when you know you have an oral health issue. Gum disease and its precursor gingivitis, for example, are important issues that should be taken care of immediately—but there are also things like infections that could occur in your gums or your teeth that your dentist will need to help with. At Excellent Dental Specialists, we want our patients to live healthy and happy lives! That’s why we do our best to minimize the time you spend in our offices by doing culture and antibiotic sensitivity testing while offering you effective and comprehensive treatment options.

What Is Culture And Antibiotic Sensitivity Testing?

When you get sick and your doctor gives you antibiotics, they probably explain the medication in very broad terms. Because of this, and because certain kinds of antibiotics are used more often than others, you might think that there are only a few options from which to choose. In reality, however, there are many different kinds of medication. Some of these are better at targeting certain kinds of bacteria than others, which is why it is important to know exactly what is going on with your mouth before we prescribe you medication. Culture and antibiotic sensitivity testing, then, is a process that allows us to culture various specimens from your mouth and gingival fluid. This is then tested to determine what kind of bacteria are present in order to find the right medication.

How Does Culture And Antibiotic Sensitivity Testing Help Me?

When you are sick and visit a doctor, you are doing so with the expectation that they will be able to help you become well again, regardless of what the issue is. And while we can’t promise that we’ll never have to take our time in coming up with a specialized treatment plan, Excellent Dental Specialists is proud to offer culture and antibiotic sensitivity testing because we believe it helps us help our patients more quickly and effectively than just taking an educated guess as to what exactly needs to be treated. When we know exactly what kind of bacteria needs to be killed with antibiotics, we can prescribe the right medication the first time around, which will help you feel better more quickly.

What Does The Culture And Antibiotic Sensitivity Testing Process Consist Of?

Many people want to know exactly what will happen when they undergo the culture and antibiotic sensitivity testing process. Don’t worry! It’s as quick and easy as simply taking a swab of the gingival fluid in your mouth and sending it off for testing.

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