At Excellent Dental Specialists, we are passionate about giving our patients the very best in dental options that will improve their quality of life. Losing teeth can lead to negative impacts on your quality of life faster than most other dental maladies, which is why we are proud to offer so many tooth replacement optionsDentures and partial dentures are a great way to replace teeth both in form and function.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are replacements for missing teeth that are removable. Most dentures are made from an acrylic that is made to look like a portion of your gums and (all) of your teeth. Dentures give you back the ability to eat and speak the way you did before tooth loss. Full dentures, meaning dentures that replace a whole arch of teeth, must be held in place with a special denture adhesive that you must apply at the beginning of each day.
To make dentures, we take an impression of your mouth and use it to create a custom denture that fits your mouth perfectly. There are a few different kinds of dentures that can accomplish a few different things. Conventional full dentures are the long-term solution to tooth loss, whereas immediate full dentures help you to recover following the extraction of teeth required for conventional dentures.

Who Should Consider Dentures?

If you have lost many or most of your teeth, you have a few different tooth replacement options available to you. Anyone facing tooth loss should consider dental implants as well as dentures when deciding how to replace their teeth. Dentures offer a faster and more cost-effective tooth replacement option that is still quite useful.

What Are Partial Dentures?

Partial dentures are meant only to replace a few missing teeth. Partial dentures are made from an acrylic substance and are usually held in place with clasps and wires that attach them to surrounding healthy teeth. Some partial dentures must be taken out to eat.

Who Should Consider Partial Dentures?

If you have lost a tooth, or several teeth than partial dentures might be the right tooth replacement option for you.

Denture Care

All dentures must be removed at night while your sleep, and to be cleaned. Never use a regular toothbrush to clean dentures, instead purchase a denture brush in the same aisle that you find oral health care items. Denture brushes are softer than even “soft” toothbrushes, which helps to protect the acrylics from becoming scratched and damaged.

When cleaning your dentures, always do so over a basin that is filled with water or a folded towel. Dentures can be easily damaged if you drop them on a hard surface like the floor or the countertop. Dentures are made to be kept moist at all times so whenever you take them out for an extended period, make sure to place them in a cup of water or denture soaking solution.

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