5 Reasons to See a Board-Certified Dental Specialist

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If you’re considering major oral surgery, such as for dental implants, you most likely want to put your trust in someone who has the right training and experience. In most cases, choosing a dental specialist like a periodontist, to place your dental implants will have significantly better outcomes than going with your general dentist. Even better for ensuring amazing treatment results is finding a specialist who is also board-certified. Here are five reasons why:


Patient Dedication

Specialists like periodontists must go through rigorous written, oral, and practical examinations to become board-certified. This is optional for each specialization, so a periodontist who has chosen to complete this additional level of mastery in their field is passionate about providing the highest quality patient care.

Mastery of Skills

The extensive training and preparation needed to become board-certified mean your specialist has achieved mastery in their skillsets. In the case of a periodontist, he or she has become especially skilled in hard and soft tissue treatments, diagnosing and treating gum disease, and placing dental implants (in addition to other treatments and procedures).

Extensive Experience

Becoming board-certified may also mean that the specialist must complete additional classes or undergo special hands-on training. This means that in addition to the level of training and education already achieved, your periodontist has gone above and beyond in their experience.

Superior Knowledge Base

Periodontists who are board-certified become part of a forward-thinking and innovative group of specialists all dedicated to providing superior patient care. He or she will be up to date in the latest advancements in periodontal treatments and dental implants. They’ll also be at the forefront of new technologies, techniques, and materials in dentistry.

Personal Commitment

Any specialist who has become board-certified and remains so throughout his or her career demonstrates their commitment to their profession and their patients. They represent some of the top specialists in the nation with this title, which is daily exemplified by the level of care they provide on a daily basis.


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