Why Should A Periodontist Place My Dental Implants In San Antonio, TX?

an image of a periodontist holding a dental prosthetic before placing it in a patients mouth for their dental implant procedure.

People choosing the right kind of skilled doctor to place their dental implants is critical if they want a beneficial new smile. The professional who treats patients should be experienced and well-versed in the most advanced and safest practices and techniques. After all, dental implants are a lifetime investment.

People should go to a quality periodontist to place their dental implants in San Antonio, TX. When people go to a periodontist to place their dental implants, they can have a functional and lasting new smile.


What Special Skills Does A Periodontist Bring To Dental Implant Placements?

Periodontists have earned specialized dental degrees, making them knowledgeable in dental implant placements. After going to dental school, they continue their formal education for several years. The additional training that they undergo is focused on the gums, jaw, nerves, and connective tissues of the mouth. Consequently, periodontists bring a deeper knowledge and wealth of insights to every patient and their case.

At an advanced office, the periodontist can treat patients with state-of-the-art dental implants by using an onsite prosthodontist as well as the in-house dental lab that is filled with advanced technologies. For example, the Zirkonzahn® Face Hunter system can be used to design individualized provisional and permanent prosthetic devices for a patient’s dental implant procedure.

Do All Periodontists Place Dental Implants?

Every periodontist can decide for themselves on what type of service they give patients. All periodontists focus on helping patients with problems like gum disease. But not all periodontists decide to concentrate all or part of their practices on the placement of single, multiple, and full mouth dental implants.

Those that do offer dental implants dedicate plenty of time to staying on top of the best ways to place dental implants so that they can bring patients leading-edge solutions.

How Long Does It Take For A Periodontist To Place Implants?

Every patient has a unique situation. A periodontist will evaluate the patient’s smile and map out a customized plan to replace the patient’s missing tooth or teeth with biocompatible dental implants. The dental implants can be made of a strong, nonreactive material like titanium.

The actual length of the dental implant placement process, from beginning to end, depends on a number of factors. Some of these factors include whether or not the patient needs other treatments first, like tooth removals, gum disease therapies, or bone grafting procedures.


Our Skilled Periodontist Can Place Your Dental Implants In San Antonio, TX

Whether you have lost one tooth or all of your teeth, you can restore your smile permanently with dental implants. If you are wondering if dental implants are the right tooth replacement option for you, you should come to our office. Our periodontist can give you the lasting and functional dental implants you need and deserve.

What are you waiting for? Get in contact with Dr. Andrew J. Weber and our quality team at our Excel Dental & Implant Center office to schedule an appointment today! You could be just a few appointments away from one of the most amazing aesthetic and functional transformations of your life.

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