Why Do I Need Dental Implants After A Tooth Extraction In San Antonio, TX?

a picture of a patients smile showing where a single dental implant post has been placed in the lower jawbone where a tooth has been extracted.

As people get older, they may start losing teeth or have teeth that have become damaged. They may even require tooth extractions due to systemic disease, trauma, decay, or inconsistent oral hygiene routines. Specifically, when people get a tooth extracted, they may want to consider going to a periodontist to get treated with dental implants in San Antonio, TX. Continue reading to learn more on why dental implants may be needed after having a tooth extraction.


What Happens If a Dental Implant Is Not Immediately Placed After A Tooth Extraction?


Losing baby teeth as a child is a different experience to adults losing their teeth. When children lose their baby teeth, they typically have an adult tooth pushing out of their gum-line to take its place. But when people lose their adult teeth, or have their teeth extracted, they do not have another tooth under the gum-line ready to replace it. Instead, the tooth socket and surrounding bone are left empty.

This empty spot becomes more than just a visual eyesore that creates a gap in a person’s smile. It can become the starting place for jawbone loss if it is not immediately treated. Since the jawbone is no longer being stimulated for strength and health by a tooth root, the jawbone begins to lose its density. As it weakens, it changes the structural makeup of the persons gum line. It also begins to affect the strength of the bone around it.

Over time, if the site of the extracted tooth is not addressed, people will have a higher likelihood of having their other teeth shift. The site of their extracted teeth could even lead them to develop gum disease.


Why Dental Implants Are Needed To Replace An Extracted Tooth


When people immediately replace an extracted tooth with a dental implant in San Antonio, TX, they can avoid bone loss completely. This is because the dental implant post will take the place of the extracted tooth root in the patients gum-line. A dental implant post serves as a surrogate tooth root that works to stimulate the patients jawbone like a natural tooth root would.


How Soon Can You Get A Dental Implant After A Tooth Extraction?


Though some types of extractions must be done separately from dental implant surgeries, this is not always the case. A periodontist with extensive skills and expertise can remove a tooth and place a dental implant in its place during the same surgical appointment. That way, the patients jawbone never has the chance to start deteriorating.

The outcome is a smile that is healthy and looks perfectly natural. Plus, the dental implant will give patients most of their dental functionality back.


We Can Place Your Dental Implants After A Tooth Extraction In San Antonio, TX.


If you have one or more failing teeth, you owe it to yourself to talk with a skilled periodontist about tooth extractions and dental implant placements. Receiving dental implants after a tooth extraction can be one of the best investments you make in your mouth. Not only will your smile look full, but you can avoid struggling with progressive bone loss, gum disease, and shifting teeth in the future.

Ready to improve the health and function of your smile? Together, we can make a plan that enables you to get your tooth extraction without putting your long-term bone health at risk. You can come to our advanced office to see if tooth extractions and dental implants are the right treatments for you. Get in contact with Dr. Andrew J. Weber and our skilled team at our Excel Dental and Implant Center office to schedule an appointment today!

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