Who Needs to Consider Crown Lengthening?

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Crown lengthening is a common dental surgical procedure that involves removing the gum tissue, bone or both so that more of the tooth’s structure would be exposed.

This minor surgery is often needed if you are about to undergo a dental crown procedure, especially if there is hardly any tooth structure left above your gum line that will support the dental crown. You can also undergo crown lengthening for aesthetic purposes since a “gummy smile” can be easily corrected by this dental procedure.


What to Expect Before, After, and During Crown Lengthening

Before we advise a crown lengthening procedure, we need to conduct a thorough assessment and a review of your medical history as well as x-ray results. You will also undergo teeth cleaning.

Considering that this is a surgical procedure, you can expect to be put under local anesthesia, the strength of which will largely depend on how many teeth will be “lengthened”. Note that even though technically only one of your tooth needs crown lengthening, adjacent teeth will also be worked on so that the tissues can be reshaped gradually.

After the crown lengthening procedure is over, you need to cover the affected area with ice for a couple of hours to reduce and prevent further swelling. You will also come back after 7 to 10 days so we can take the stitches out.

You can expect your gums to completely heal after three months. By this time, your teeth will be ready for a crown or filling, if necessary. Just like any other medical and dental procedures, crown lengthening can cause discomfort and other complications such as bleeding and infection. To lessen the risks, you should work closely with us during the entire process.

If you want to know more about crown lengthening, you can call or visit our office so we can provide you with more information.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call us at (210) 598-8933 today.

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