What Can Cause Your Gums to Get Darker?

Dark Gums Excellent Dental Specialists TX 78232-4354Have you noticed that your gums went from a bright or even a pale pink, to a dark pink, red, or even brown? This can be a totally natural change as we age, or it can also be a symptom of another issue that your mouth may be facing.

If you notice a slow change over the course of a long time, this is likely not much of a concern in most cases. However, if you notice a rapid change where your gums change from one color to another over the course of a month or less, you need to come in and see us.

Gum Color Changes Need to Be Monitored

When you come in and see us, we make notes about the color of your gums. If they change, we also make notes of that as well.

This allows us to track the slower changes that take place, naturally, over time. When you come in and see us and we notice a quick change, we then know that we need to look to see what the problem causing it might be.

Sometimes gums get darker when people get gum disease. It adds extra blood right near the surface of your gum tissue, darkening the color. This often brings your gums from a light pink to a dark pink or even red color.

If your gums are struggling with something like oral cancer, it can cause changes in the color of your gums, as well. One of the top signs that you have oral cancer is changes in the color of the tissues of your mouth. Sometimes the tissue turns brown, or it can even turn black.

Do not hesitate to contact us if your gums change color. We will do whatever we can to help get your mouth back on a healthy track.

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