What Are the Benefits of Getting Your Crowns Lengthened?

When you hear from your periodontist that you need crown lengthening, you may not be quite sure what that means. This is simply where the visible crown of the tooth is made a bit longer through the adjustment of the jaw line and the gum tissue.

This can be done to help stabilize the tooth, which frequently happens after gum disease treatment. However, this can also be done for esthetic reasons.


Benefits of Getting a Crown Lengthening Procedure

There are some great results that come with crown lengthening. It can help your teeth remain strong and not wobbly in your mouth. The procedure itself only takes a single treatment in most cases, allowing you to be sore for a short time, and see the results in a short time.

You will have a more symmetrical appearance once your crowns are lengthened, plus the procedure improves your oral health. For those with a gummy smile, you can get a quick boost to your smile, which then improves your overall self-esteem in no time.

Don’t feel self-conscious because your smile is no longer even. Getting a short procedure can make a huge difference when it comes to your smile. Bring your confidence level up to a new high, and show everyone around you that you are feeling good about yourself. The procedure typically takes an hour or less, and you can recover from it within a few days.

You will get regular checkups following the procedure to ensure that your gums are staying where they were meant to go, and that your crowns are staying as visually stunning as the day the procedure was done. With a careful recovery plan, you can be looking and feeling amazing in a very short period of time, and getting on with your life!

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