Top 3 Reasons to Consider Getting Gum Grafts

Top 3 Reasons to Consider Getting Gum Grafts

While a gummy smile is adorable on a baby, as adults, we try to minimize the appearance of excessive gums when we flash our grin. Not only is a receding gumline admittedly unattractive, it makes your teeth vulnerable to decay and the risk of becoming loose. Preventing gum recession can not only improve your appearance, it can help save your teeth. If you’re debating getting gum grafts, consider these three main reasons why this procedure may be best for you.


How Gum Grafts Can Work for You

Over time, through either overbrushing or advanced periodontal disease, your gums may begin to draw back from your teeth, exposing your roots and increasing your risk of permanent damage to your teeth. Early stage gum disease can be easily reversed, but if you allow the disease to progress too long, gum grafts may be the only option to repair the damage that has been done.

Gum graft surgery is a routine procedure and can help restore your smile. If you’re considering a gum graft, take a look at these three primary reasons why this procedure can benefit you:

Gum grafts can protect your roots. Excessive root exposure can be unsightly, leading to a faltering self-confidence. However, it’s not the only problem you’ll face with receding gums: if your roots are exposed, they’re extra vulnerable to decay from bacteria. Gum grafts can help prevent unwanted tooth loss.
A gum graft can save your bones. Most people don’t realize the danger their jawbones face when they have gum disease. If your gums continue to recede, bacteria may be able to migrate up into your jawbone, leading to infection in this delicate area.
Gum grafts are a safe, established procedure. Gum grafts have been proven to be effective to help save your teeth, and they’re highly successful when performed by a trained periodontist. Our skilled staff are very familiar with this procedure and will work with you to ensure you obtain the desired results from your graft.

If you’re noticing that you’re “getting long in tooth” when you look in the mirror, then you might be a good candidate for a gum graft. Please give our office a call today to schedule a consultation for this procedure and allow our professional and trained dental practitioners to improve the quality of your oral health.

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