Should You Consider Reconstructive Dentistry After Gum Disease Treatment?

Should You Consider Reconstructive Dentistry After Gum Disease Treatment?

Hearing the words reconstructive dental surgery is not something that you want to hear. It sounds painful and expensive.

You may wonder if it is something you really need to do. If you have suffered through the problems associated with gum disease and have gone through treatment, it is something you may want to learn more about. The benefits of these procedures can outweigh how scary the words sound.


How Can it Help?

Gum disease is more destructive than many people imagine. It is much more than going to the dentist to fix a cavity. The problems associated with gum disease include:

Tooth Loss – The loss of teeth is the most obvious problems, but it also leads to other problems.
Bite Relationship – The loss of teeth changes the way you bite looks. It can make it seem like you are always scowling.
Facial Angles – The face is shortened as teeth are lost. This changes the angles of the face over time. It can make the nose look larger or can create other looks that you may not want.
Lip Appearance – The teeth support the lips. If they are missing, the lips lose their tone and more wrinkles will appear.


When to Turn to Reconstructive Dentistry

Just because you have had treatment for gum disease does not mean you need to turn to reconstructive dentistry. It is something to consider if the problems with your teeth and gums are interfering with your life.

If you notice changes to your appearance or if you are struggling to do things you would normally do with your teeth and gums, reconstructive dentistry can provide the answer. It is a great way to restore your appearance to something you do not have to hide behind your hand.

If you want to learn more about the options of reconstructive dentistry, contact our dental professionals to schedule an appointment. We can answer any questions you have.

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