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Why a Root Canal Isn't a Scary Procedure Anymore

Infections in your teeth are more than just painful; they can also be downright dangerous. Fortunately, treatment can be provided to restore the health of the infected tooth, avoiding the need for tooth extraction. Treating an infected tooth is done with a root canal. These words can trigger fear in many patients, as root canals are often associated with pain. There have been many advances in dental tools and technologies, however, that have made the procedure much less scary. Excellent Dental Specialists can help you to get the treatment you need in a much less scary manner.

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a procedure that is designed to treat a tooth infection. This procedure involves drilling a small access hole into the top of the infected tooth and using small tools to remove the pulp and nerve. The entire interior of the tooth is cleaned and disinfected and filled with a special material called gutta percha. This material seals the canals inside of the tooth preventing bacteria from getting inside. Finally, the tooth is provided with a crown, which helps to provide protection for the tooth as well as strength.

Why Do I Need a Root Canal?

The teeth are the strongest substance in the body. Even so, they can still be faced with physical damage and decay, issues that can compromise the strength of the affected teeth as well as their health. Damage and decay that extends past the enamel layer of the teeth can allow bacteria inside. As they begin to multiply, the bacteria begin attacking the soft tissue inside of the tooth, called the pulp, causing it to become irritated and inflamed. This can cause a significant amount of pain.

When the infection goes untreated, the bacteria continue to multiply and can begin to spill out through the root of the tooth. When this happens, an abscess forms. It continues to grow larger, and can eventually rupture, which can then let bacteria travel into your blood and throughout your body. Infections can be extremely dangerous. A root canal is a procedure designed to eliminate the infection from your tooth, restoring and protecting your oral health.

Why a Root Canal is No Longer a Scary Procedure

Root canals have long been associated with pain and hearing the words can trigger fear and anxiety. Because of this association, many patients try to avoid the procedure, which allows their infection to become worse. However, root canals are not as scary as they once were. Advances in dental technology, tools, and treatment have made the procedure much quicker, easier, and more painless. Reasons root canals are no longer scary include:
•  The use of a local anesthetic. This numbs the treatment area, so all you feel is pressure. You do not feel any pain during your procedure.
•  Digital Imaging. Digital images allow us to make more accurate diagnoses and more effective plans for your treatment. This helps to reduce the risk of needing root canal retreatment.
•  Electric drills. With electric drills, treatment is faster, and there is much less vibration.
•  Small, microscopic cameras. These cameras help us to see inside of the tooth so that we can ensure the entire tooth has been completely cleaned.
•  Dental lasers. A laser can help to disinfect the inside of your tooth.

Advances in dental technology have improved the root canal procedure, making it shorter, more effective, and less painful. If you have noticed symptoms of a tooth infection, call Excellent Dental Specialists today at (210) 598-8933 to schedule your appointment.

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