Looking For an Oral Surgeon You Can Trust?

Dental Patient Questioning

When you realize you need the services of an oral surgeon in San Antonio, TX, you may have many questions. One of the biggest will probably be: “How do I know which oral surgeon I can trust?”

Picking an oral surgeon requires some upfront investigation into the professionals who serve your area. First, you will want to learn more about what oral surgeons do. Then, you can begin to narrow down your local oral surgeons to find the perfect partner for your upcoming treatment.


What Should Patients Know About Oral Surgeons?

Oral surgeons complete dental school like all dentists. However, rather than go into general practice at once, oral surgeons then continue their education for four to six years in a residency program. During this time, they hone their skill sets and receive the knowledge necessary to focus on their preferred areas.

By the time oral surgeons end their residency, they have the expertise and understanding to perform a variety of treatments including placement of dental implants, extraction of teeth, corrective jaw surgery and much more. Their wealth of experience in oral and maxillofacial areas makes them suitable to address issues that a general dentist cannot.

How to Evaluate One Oral Surgeon From Another

Knowing what oral surgeons do is one thing. Figuring out how to evaluate one from another can be more challenging. In general, look for some of the following indicators that may point toward one oral surgeon over another:

  • Length of time in practice. The longer an oral surgeon has been working with patients, the more confident he is likely to be.
  • Type of reviews. Always check out the online reviews for any oral surgeon you consider. Read the reviews carefully, and look for reviews regarding the treatment you need.
  • Commitment to the dental field. Another way to gauge an oral surgeon is to examine his track record for giving back to the dental field and surrounding community, if applicable.


Finding an Oral Surgeon in San Antonio, TX

If you are on the lookout for an oral surgeon for an initial consultation, we welcome the opportunity for you to meet our doctor, Dr. Andrew J. Weber, at our modern, comfortable office in San Antonio, TX. Dr. Weber has practiced for more than 20 years and became a Diplomate Of The American Board Of Periodontology 15 years ago. He has served as a professor to other dentistry professionals, and has been annually named as a top dentist since 2007 by his peers. Since 2000, he has donated his services tirelessly.

To arrange an appointment with Dr. Weber in San Antonio, TX at Excellent Dental Specialists, please call (210) 794-7747. You can also fill out an online request form.

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