LANAP® And LAPIP™: What Are The Differences And What Is Each Treatment Used For?

Gum Disease Laser Treatment

When you visit a periodontist to discuss gum disease treatment in San Antonio, TX, you will likely hear a few different terms. Two include LANAP® And LAPIP™. Even though these two treatment methods may sound a bit confusing, they are easy to understand. You can start by understanding their similarities, and then move on to what makes each treatment unique. 


LANAP® and LAPIP™: Traits These Gum Disease Treatments Share

LANAP and LAPIP treatments share an important commonality: They both rely on powerful, safe lasers to address the main issues of gum disease. Dental lasers present minimally invasive ways to both destroy colonies of bad bacteria and remove damaged gum tissue without harming healthy gum tissue.

For instance, a patient with periodontitis (advanced gum disease) may undergo LANAP treatment. During LANAP treatment, a periodontist will use lasers predominantly. This usually means no need for scraping, scalpels, cutting, or sewing. The result is a healthier mouth that heals faster and more comfortably.

It is important to note that not all periodontists perform laser-based gum disease treatment in San Antonio, TX. Only those who have undergone special training can offer their patients the benefits of LANAP and LAPIP.


LANAP® and LAPIP™: The Differences Between Each Treatment

If both LANAP and LAPIP use lasers, what makes them different from one another? The difference is in the basic protocol or process of the treatment.

LANAP is meant for patients who have gum disease and need periodontal maintenance. With the LANAP protocol, a periodontist can promote restoration and healing in areas affected by gum disease.

LAPIP is meant for patients who have failing dental implants because of a condition known as peri-implantitis. During peri-implantitis, the gums around the implant are attacked by the same bacteria that causes gum disease. The LAPIP protocol is used to help healthy gum tissue regenerate and reattach to the implant.


Is LANAP® or LAPIP™ the Gum Disease Treatment You Need?

Maybe your dental implants seem loose, or the gums around the implants are swollen. Perhaps you have constant bad breath and bleeding gums, and suspect you might have gum disease. Whatever your concerns, LANAP or LAPIP could be the minimally invasive answer to your underlying problem.

To find out if you could be a candidate for LANAP or LAPIP in San Antonio, TX, please contact Excellent Dental Services to arrange an appointment with Dr. Andrew J. Weber, Diplomate Of The American Board Of Periodontology. Contact our office at (210) 794-7747 right now to schedule a consultation today!

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