Is Your Jaw Popping? It Could Be TMJ!

image of dental mouth guards used for TMJ disorder treatment

“My jaw pops all the time when I open my mouth”! Dentists often hear this common complaint from patients who assume that they just have to live with this frustrating, uncomfortable problem. However, even if the popping causes zero pain, it can be a sign of a bigger issue: TMJ disorder. Fortunately, qualified dentists can help their patients with popping jaws via leading-edge TMJ treatments in San Antonio, TX.


Top Indicators of TMJ Disorder

So what is TMJ disorder? The TMJ is a muscle that connects your jaw to your skull. When the TMJ malfunctions for any reason, the jaw hinge will not allow the jaw to properly and smoothly move. This is known in wide terms as TMJ disorder, although the specific underlying cause for each person’s TMJ disorder can vary.

Many of the most reported symptoms of TMJ disorder include:

  • Popping when the jaw opens or closes, like when eating, talking, or yawning.
  • Sticking or locking of the jaw in an open position.
  • Pain around the jaw or radiating from the jaw into the shoulders, neck, ears, or head.
  • Aching at the site of the jaw.
  • Feeling like the jaw does not fit right, which can affect the bite.

Of course, all TMJ disorder cases are unique. Therefore, dentists who offer TMJ treatment in San Antonio, TX, will take care to consider all the signs before recommending any solutions.

Ways to Treat TMJ Disorder

Generally speaking, most dentists like to start with minimally invasive TMJ treatments. For instance, custom-fitted oral appliances worn during sleep can help the TMJ relax and rejuvenate. People who wear these appliances overnight often report that their jaws feel less tender and swollen in the morning.

Another minimally invasive TMJ treatment is the adoption of meditation techniques. Learning how to meditate can naturally teach the body how to relax. Sometimes, relaxing the muscles of the jaw can have an exceptional effect on lowering the symptoms associated with TMJ disorder. Medications may also be prescribed to heighten the relaxation.

If these techniques fail to produce desired results, a dentist may suggest jaw surgery. Jaw surgery can be an immediately corrective measure that dramatically changes the way the jaw works.


Could TMJ Treatment in San Antonio, TX, Bring You Relief?

You depend on your jaw from morning until night. Why ignore signs that something might be wrong with your TMJ? Visit our Excel Dental And Implant Center office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew J. Weber, or any of our exceptional doctors,  today!

The sooner your TMJ disorder is diagnosed, the sooner you can get the benefits that come from the right TMJ treatment for your needs. Let us help you stop the pop!

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