How to Rebuild Gums After You Lose a Tooth

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Losing a tooth, whether you lose it due to trauma, decay, or a decision to remove it for some other reason, can have consequences beyond the initial discomfort and loss of the use of the tooth.

One such complication that can arise is the loss of dental tissue in that area. Your gum tissue does much more than merely fill in the spaces between your teeth, and when you lose a tooth, you may find that your gum tissue is affected as well.


Rebuilding Your Gums

We frequently see patients who ask what can be done to restore the condition of their mouths to what it should be. While there are a few different options to consider, the most common one is getting gum tissue grafts.

While gum tissue grafts are not always appropriate in every situation, they do tend to work in the majority of the cases we see. Gum grafts allow you to quickly and effectively rebuild the tissue in the affected area.

What’s more, getting a gum graft is a procedure with a relatively short recovery time. This means that you can come see us, get the grafts done, and be back on your feet within a few days. A short period after that, your gum tissue will be healed enough that you can begin to eat normal food again.


Questions? Come See Us!

Of course, we understand that the choice to get gum grafts is one that may be somewhat disconcerting to you. Any time we discuss surgery, no matter how minor, some people simply don’t like it.

To this end, we want you to know we are here to help. If you have any questions about gum grafts, feel free to pick up the phone and give us a call. We’re always here to help!

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