How Smoking Impacts Dental Implants

Records reveal that almost 5 million people died all over the world because of smoking or nicotine addiction in 2000 alone and while most people are inclined to think about respiratory and cardiac health alone when smoking is discussed, many studies reveal the negative impact of smoking on one’s overall oral health.

Results generally stress that smokers are at risk and experience more oral health problems than non-smokers. Smoking also negatively impacts the effectiveness of dental treatments and procedures such as dental implants.


Key Findings on Smoking and Dental Implants

In a review on smoking and dental implants published in the Journal of International Society of Preventive and Community Dentistry in 2012, it was revealed that smoking negatively affects the outcome of dental implants. For one, smokers have a higher failure rate of implants compared with nonsmokers.

Smoking has also been found to directly affect the rate of complications after dental implant as smokers were found to suffer more from marginal bone loss and peri-implantitis after the procedure. The failure rate of implants placed in grafted maxillary sinuses among smokers was also revealed to be twice as high than nonsmokers.

Smokers Undergoing Dental Implants

If you are a smoker who needs a dental implant, it is high time you consider the negative impact of smoking not only on dental implants but oral and dental health in general. If you want to lower the failure rate of the implant, it is best that you cease smoking at least a week before the procedure and up to two months after the procedure had been carried out.

To know more information about dental implants and what you can do to address the negative effects of smoking on dental implant procedure, you should call our office and schedule an appointment immediately. At the end of the day, know that we are here to assist you to increase the success rate of your implant and your oral health in general.

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