How Primescan Intraoral Scanners Can Help Your Next Procedure!

Primescan Intraoral Scanner Being Used On A Dental Patient

Has a dental professional ever taken an impression of your mouth? You probably had to sit for a while with an appliance in your mouth, waiting for the impression to take shape. Though this type of experience is not unusual, it can be frustrating and uncomfortable. However, you can say goodbye to goopy impressions when you choose a dental practice that leverages the power of advanced technology in San Antonio, TX.

Truly, the technological options for dentists are opening doors all the time. Take the Primescan intraoral scanner, for instance. This device may look like just another piece of equipment, but it has revolutionized the way that modern dentists take impressions. Additionally, it has made those old, yucky impressions a thing of the past.


The Advantages of Advanced Technology and the Primescan

The Primescan intraoral scanner is a handheld device that looks a little bit like a scanner you might see at a retail or grocery store. A trained member of the dental team will use the scanner to map your mouth digitally. That means you get to skip all the mess and get a reliable understanding of the position and shape of your teeth and gums.

What are some of the benefits of the Primescan intraoral scanner for both dentists and patients?

Efficient Results:

The Primescan relies on exceptional software that produces accurate, 3D scans. The scans can be seen on a computer screen. They can also be manipulated and moved to give a better view of all the teeth from a variety of angles. You can expect to have much more in-depth conversations with a dentist about your treatment options when you can see exactly what your mouth looks like.

Fast Response:

It only takes a few minutes for the Primescan intraoral scanner to construct digital images of the inside of your mouth. It would be hard to achieve this kind of speed or quality if you were using old-fashioned impressions.

Minimally Invasive Technique:

Forget about sitting in a dental chair trying to keep a sticky impression appliance in place. The Primescan offers a minimally invasive answer so you can be more comfortable.

Transferable Images:

Because the Primescan images are computerized, they can be sent anywhere. This includes sending them to other doctors and specialists, as needed.


Discover Dentistry at Its Best: Opt for Advanced Technology in San Antonio, TX!

It can be hard to find the right dentist who will exceed your expectations procedure after procedure. If you have been searching for a practice that is devoted to bringing you the latest tools and techniques, consider calling Excellent Dental Specialists.

Our commitment to advanced technology in San Antonio, TX cannot be understated. In addition to the Primescan intraoral scanner, we regularly use equipment and devices that help us help you. Our dentist, Dr. Andrew J. Weber, is accepting new patients now. Please set up a consultation online to meet at our San Antonio or New Braunfels locations!

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