How Does Scraping the Teeth and Roots Stop Gum Disease Progress?

How Does Scraping the Teeth and Roots Stop Gum Disease Progress?When you have gum disease, we may recommend that you have your teeth and their roots scraped. This is a treatment that’s been proven to stop the progress of gum disease. Many people wonder how this works though.

What Scraping Is?

Scraping is a process that literally involves scraping away any plaque and tartar that’s developed anywhere around your gum line. These are areas where bacteria collect and multiply, resulting in gum disease. Once the scraping is complete, we will smooth out your teeth’s roots so your gums can attach themselves to your teeth once again.

How Scraping Your Teeth and Roots Halts gum Disease

This is a very effective way to get your gums’ health back on track. Since you stand a higher chance of losing your teeth when you have large pockets between your teeth and gums, scraping these out is beneficial. It’s a way of removing any infection or decay that is found there. Essentially, this is what gum disease is, which is why you need this procedure to stop the advancement of this disease.

The Necessity of Scraping

Scraping is thought of as a type of deep cleaning. Unfortunately, this hour-long procedure isn’t something that anyone looks forward to it, but it’s a much better option than allowing gum disease to persist and result in the loss of your teeth. We can offer you a local anesthetic to help make this whole procedure more bearable and less painful for you. You will still feel your gums bleed some when our tools touch your sensitive gums – it’s inevitable.

If you have any questions about this deep cleaning process, make sure you give us a call and set up an appointment, so we can answer them for you today. Doing so will put your mind at ease and get your oral health back on track.

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