How Dental Financing Helps You Afford Dental Implants

Dental Implant Financing

Are you considering dental implants, but are concerned about the cost of treatment in New Braunfels, TX? While this is understandable, know that there are different options you can choose to help pay for your dental implants. One of these options is through a third-party dental financing company. Here are the main ways dental financing can help you afford the cost of dental implants:


Personalized Plans

Third-party financing allows you to personalize a monthly payment plan that fits your treatment needs and budget, even if you have bad credit.

Low Payments

Dental financing companies also offer low payments each month so you can afford treatment and ensure you have enough funds left over for other necessities.

Competitive Rates

Third-party financing generally offers the most competitive interest rates and payments, especially when compared to traditional credit cards.

Special Perks

Some dental financing companies offer clients perks for taking loans out with them, including no-interest plans for a select number of months and extended payment plans.

Dental Implants Are an Investment

If you’re having trouble committing to dental implants because of the cost, remember that this tooth replacement solution is a permanent investment in your smile. They replace your missing teeth so you can smile and talk confidently. But even better, they replace the dental function and oral health you lost due to missing teeth. With an over 99% return to normal biting and chewing power, you’ll be able to eat any tough, hard, or chewy foods you once enjoyed! Overall, dental implants are the closest thing to natural healthy teeth and provide nearly all the same benefits, in addition to never becoming stained, decayed, or requiring root canals. They truly are an investment in your smile, confidence, and health!


Schedule Your Consultation

Third-party financing companies like CareCredit®, Proceed Finance, and many others, can help you afford the cost of dental implants. Schedule your consultation in our Dental office in New Braunfels, TX with your local periodontist to learn more.

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