Acid Erodes Your Gum Tissues As Well As Your Teeth

Acid Erodes Your Gum Tissues As Well As Your Teeth

Most people don’t realize they have lactic acid in their mouth. This is “dangerous” because when left unchecked, it can easily come into contact with your teeth. Once there, it can start to break down your teeth through a process that’s known as demineralization.


How Acid gets in Your Mouth

One of the most common ways in which you get acid in your mouth is through too much sugar. Although this sugar isn’t very acidic in and of itself, it will promote the growth of bacteria that will create an acidic environment there.

Another common way in which too much acid gets into your mouth is through heart burn. This is a very common condition that a lot of people struggle with today. When the acid from your stomach makes its way into your mouth, it too can cause damage while there, especially if it’s made its way there through vomiting or acid reflux.

Dealing With Acid in Your Mouth

Acid in your mouth is something you should take seriously and do something about it. This is because when you leave it untreated, it can erode your gum tissues and your teeth. As such, when you’re exposed to acid in your mouth you should try one of the following three methods of balancing out your mouth’s pH level once again.

The first and easiest way to do this is by drinking some milk or eating some dairy. If you don’t have any of these foods available, you’ll want to use a mouthwash. This is what fluoride mouth rinses are for. However, you should know that you can also make your own mouthwash at home simply by adding one teaspoon of baking soda to water.

Now that you know why acid is bad for your gums and teeth, you should also know that we’re here to help you combat this issue. Give us a call and set up an appointment to talk to us about it today.

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