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Do Your Gums Need More Vitamin C?
Posted on 10/15/2018 by Andrew Weber
When you feel a cold coming on, one of the things you may do is head for the medicine cabinet and bulk up with Vitamin C. That can help your immune system fight the cold that is starting in your body. If Vitamin C is good for a cold, it may have other ways to help the body. It is possible that putting more vitamin C in your diet can improve your gum health too. How Your Gums are at RiskGum disease is a serious problem. It can cause many different oral health issues and if left untreated, can lead to more health problems. One of the causes of gum disease is a buildup of bacteria in the teeth and gums. The bacteria can form deposits of plaque and tartar. If these are not removed, more problems can occur, including cavities, receding gums, tooth loss and others. The best treatment for gum disease is the removal of the bacteria, but there are other things your body does that can help fight gum disease. What Does Vitamin C Do?Your body's immune system works against bacteria that harms the body. The stronger the immune system is, the harder it is for any bacteria to grow. That provides some more defense against the bacteria that can lead to gum disease. Vitamin C boosts the immune system. That means an increase in vitamin C can help fight the bacteria that leads to gum disease. The vitamin C can also fortify the structures of the gum and the teeth. If you maintain better overall oral health, that means the gums are healthier as well. Vitamin C is not a perfect defense against gum disease. You still have to follow all the other good habits to maintain healthy gums and teeth. To learn more about how to maintain the healthiest teeth and gums possible, contact the dental professionals at our office....

Do Receding Gums Actually Cause Problems?
Posted on 9/25/2018 by Andrew Weber
Having good oral hygiene and keeping your checkups can prevent most dental conditions, including periodontal disease, the leading cause for tooth loss in the U.S. according to medical studies. Receding gums are a form of periodontitis that can cause other more serious problems. Do I Have Receding Gums?One of the signs of receding gums is that the top part of the tooth, that's by the gum line, is exposed and you can experience tooth sensitivity to hot or cold food or even air temperature. That can be an early sign of the condition. If you visit our office regularly, we will keep an eye on your gums, especially if you have bleeding gums or increased plaque production. What Causes Receding Gums?Aside from poor oral hygiene, there are other reasons that can cause receding gums. The biggest problem with leaving receding gums without the proper treatment is that the supporting tissue and bone that hold your teeth in place can be seriously damaged and can result in tooth loss. However, there are treatments available is the condition is diagnosed early. Call us today to find out more!...

Do Gum Grafts Help with Receding Gums?
Posted on 9/15/2018 by Andrew Weber
If your gums are receding due to periodontal disease, you may need to get gum grafts. The good news is that there is treatment, the bad news is that you will most likely need gum graft surgery which can be unpleasant but heals relatively quickly. How Do Gum Grafts Help with Receding Gums?If you have severe gum recession that cannot be treated with scaling – a deep cleaning – or root planning, in which plaque and tartar buildup are removed from your teeth and root surface, you may be a candidate for gum grafting. According to the American Dental Association, gum grafting is not only recommended to repair the area where receding gums are present, but it can also prevent further recession in neighboring areas. Benefits of Gum GraftsThe most obvious benefits of getting gum grafts are that they stop gum recession and bone loss, and they also prevent future gum disease. Gum grafts can also reduce tooth sensitivity to hot or cold foods and protect the roots of your teeth from tooth decay. How to Prevent Receding GumsThe best way to prevent any oral disease is to practice good oral hygiene at home and keep your regular checkups. Using a water flosser is also a good idea if you have gum-related issues. Water flossers can get to more places than a regular string flosser ever could. It is important to mention that certain medical conditions such as diabetes, immune diseases, and cancer can cause gum recession. Smoking and genetics have also been linked to receding gums. A healthy diet is always good for overall health, but it can also affect your oral health and some studies suggest that it can help prevent bone demineralization, which can lead to periodontal disease. If you would like to find out more information, call our office today!...

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